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Everyone loves a good candle moment when they want to unwind and relax after a hard day. Candles create a calm environment and help to reduce stress. The flickering candle creates ambience, while a scented candle sets the mood. Unfortunately, the majority of popular scented candles contains paraffin wax which releases toxic compounds in the air, such as benzene, acetone and toluene. As a result, not only the paraffin candles affects the environment but our health, too. Fortunately, there are alternatives and beeswax candles are one of them.

Beeswax is an all-natural, non-toxic wax substance and can be used for everything from natural cosmetics and polish for shoes and floors, to furniture polish and beeswax candles. At Honey Lit, we use 100% pure beeswax to handcraft a variety of different styles of beeswax candles. Beeswax candles attract more users due to their health benefits. Pure beeswax candles burn with almost no smoke or scent and at the same time clean the air by releasing negative ions in the air. Negative ions can stick together and reduce the toxins from the air. Beeswax candles are especially beneficial for people with asthma or allergies. Beeswax candles are effective at removing common allergens such as dander and dust from the air. In addition to this, beeswax candles burn slower than a regular paraffin candle so they last longer.

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Beeswax candles hold several health benefits. Unlike the typical candle, beeswax candles do not contain paraffin wax. As a result, beeswax candles do not pollute the air. Candles that are made of 100% beeswax can give off negative ions when burned. Negative ions are molecules which are charged with electricity. They float in the air or atmosphere. Beeswax candles neutralise bad ‘positive ions’ such as dust, air non-toxins and allergens. By burning a beeswax candle for 30 - 60 minutes in the bedroom before sleeping can help to clean the air and improve sleep quality. Beeswax candles are great for kitchens as assists in neutralising unpleasant smells without contaminating food with artificial aromas. Furthermore, beeswax candles have relaxing properties and can help to reduce stress. The sweet, natural honey scent of the beeswax candle can set the mood without being overwhelming as candles who are paced with artificial scents.
Beeswax candles are a well-known household name in the market for being one of the healthiest and most eco-friendly candles there is. 100% natural beeswax usually have a bigger price tag but it compensates through the benefits and uniques offered. Beeswax candles colour can vary from golden yellow to darker mustard colour. The bees produce the wax in white, but the propolis and pollen from flowers creates an amber shade that we all know and love. Wax can range depending on the type of flower and the amount of pollen in the wax. When burning a beeswax candle it unveils a sweet honey scent and it is completely natural and freelance free. In comparison to other candles that have additives to increase the burning time. As a result, it causes a weak flame and produces toxic chemicals. Pure beeswax candles are naturally long burning and do not contain any toxic additives.

All our Honey Lit beeswax candles are handmade using only 100% pure beeswax and handmade in our farm. We are a small farm situated in the middle of the continent. Our beehives are kept in three different locations all strategically placed near National Parks where the most pure and flavoursome honey can be gathered. This, the experience combined with knowledge we gained for over 50 years of caring for bees allows us to produce superior quality Honey, Bee Bread, Bee Pollen and Beeswax Candles unmatched by most.
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