Over a 100 years of caring for Bees

We are a small farm situated in the middle of the continent. Our beehives are kept in three different locations all strategically placed near National Parks where the most pure and flavorsome honey can be gathered. This, the experience combined with knowledge we gained for over 100 years of caring for Bees allows us to produce superior quality Raw Honey, Bee Bread, Bee Pollen and Beeswax Candles unmatched by most.

We have a deep connection with nature and enjoy all aspects of beekeeping no matter how tough at times can be. Our family and the bees survived the Second World War, the Soviet Union collapse and other life changing events that effected Lithuanian people, yet we persevered, just as the Bees do when they have to endure harsh winters of the northern climate zone.

Honey kept our community and us healthy and strong for generations. It is a way of live for us.


 Beekeepers Caring for Bees