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Bee Bread

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Our Bee Bread is unprocessed and 100% Raw. 100% Natural. Free from antibiotics or pesticides. Non – GMO. It is straight from the hive. It is a natural superfood.


Did you know?
Bee bread is a superfood which has even more nutritional benefits than bee pollen. The fermentation process of pollen enriches the bee bread with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein, increasing their bio-availability. 100% Natural and Raw Bee Bread is enzymatic active superfood containing around 70% pollen and 30% honey and have benefits of:
High antioxidant content that protects from free radicals and chronic diseases
Boost the immune system
Packs several compounds with anti-inflammatory properties
Boost liver function, protects from toxins
Lower heart disease risk factors like high blood lipids and cholesterol
Improves nutrient utilization, metabolism and longevity

We recommend to eat bee bread in the morning, because of its natural energy
boosting properties!

Store in cool, dry place.


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