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Raw Honey Jar Large (700g)

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Our Honey is:
100% Raw
Natural and Unpasteurized, free from antibiotics, free from pesticides and non – GMO. Foraged from pristine natural countryside – all our beehives are strategically placed close to the National Parks that are free from any agricultural work. Bees forage on a diverse variety of blossoms and in wild natural environments. No intervention to the bees natural processes. Not from factory farmed bees. Natural husbandry processes in place – all done by our family with three generations of experience and knowledge of beekeeping. Never mixed with honeys from different countries – you get only raw Lithuanian Summer Season Honey in the jar from our farm - nothing else added. Nothing.

Did you know?
100% Raw Honey contains natural Pollen, Enzymes, amino acids, minerals, micro – elements and vitamins and has organic healing, antioxidant and antibacterial

Store in dry, cool place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing service, excellent honey!

5 stars all the way! Went above and beyond with my order.

Will buy from again from now on. The honey is quite frankly delicious!

Mrs Donna Connachan

2nd purchase of this honey, it’s superb.
Ordered in the morning and the owner delivered it in the afternoon, totally unexpected. Can’t get anymore personal or better service than that!

Ianthe Sutherland
Divine honey!

I am obsessed with this honey. It's absolutely delicious and I just can't get enough of it. I've been having it on my weetabix in the morning and on toast - so scrumptious. I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed.

Unreal Honey

Ridiculously good honey. Nice jar also.

emma douse
World's best honey.

We have had Honey from Honey Lit several times and it is the best, creamiest honey we have ever had. Highly recommend. Fast delivery too.