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Raw Honey Jar Small (140g)

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Our Honey is:
100% Raw
Natural and Unpasteurized, free from antibiotics, free from pesticides and non – GMO. Foraged from pristine natural countryside – all our beehives are strategically placed close to the National Parks that are free from any agricultural work. Bees forage on a diverse variety of blossoms and in wild natural environments. No intervention to the bees natural processes. Not from factory farmed bees. Natural husbandry processes in place – all done by our family with three generations of experience and knowledge of beekeeping. Never mixed with honeys from different countries – you get only raw Lithuanian Summer Season Honey in the jar from our farm - nothing else added. Nothing.

Did you know?
100% Raw Honey contains natural Pollen, Enzymes, amino acids, minerals, micro – elements and vitamins and has organic healing, antioxidant and antibacterial

Store in dry, cool place.

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Customer Reviews

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Amelia Creek
For sore throat

Bought this small jar just to help me out with sore throat as I don’t consume unnatural medicine. Had teaspoon straight morning and evening and really felt the difference. Will be buying biggest jar to have it for the future.
Quick delivery too. Thanks